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An artform born in beautiful Brazil provides the perfect supplement to your pupils' musical and social education. The combination of bouncing rhythm and movement aids the development of a multitude of skills including motor skills, communication, leadership and musicianship. AMMusic provide experienced tutors in samba dance and drumming along with enough drums for up to 30 participants (more available but at greater cost). Treat your pupils to a one off workshop, or a series of weekly lessons to even starting your own school samba band!

AMMusic Samba Workshop in progress

A full day workshop can be tailored around your own timetables, but typically last between 9-3pm for schools. We split timings down into a maximum of 1.5 hour sessions, focussing initially on basic rhythmic patterns and then pairing them with basic processional dance. Once our basic patterns are established we can work on new sections called "breaks", as well as call and response sections. From this point, we use the following sessions to learn a little about samba fusion styles including samba-funk and samba-reggae. Depending on the progress of the group, we can then start to work in smaller groups on your own samba compositions!

Adam Morris leading AMMusic Samba Workshop

AMMusic workshops host a huge repertoire of samba rhythms enabling us to progress as the group develops. This also means that if you wish to add a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or termly series of workshops, we are able to keep providing and teaching new patterns and even assemble them into a larger samba piece for an evening event or concert at your venue!

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