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African Drumming

African djembe drums

In African tribes drumming isn't a pastime, it's a way of life. It brings the community together to uplift them in times of celebration, or to support them in times of sadness. Working with djembe drums from West Africa, AMMusic's African drumming circle has already proved to be a fantastic addition to many schools' curricula. We encourage freedom of expression so that our participants enjoy a workshop that is shaped by and around their own ideas and capabilities. Not only do your pupils learn about African music and culture, but they develop as personalities as they become comfortable with the instrument.

African drumming

AMM Workshops will provide djembe drums for up to 20 participants (more available but at greater cost) and can structure workshops to last for an hour, half a day, a day or periodic workshops every week, month or term.

Workshops start with basic drumming etiquette, when to start and stop, which is followed by a lesson in technique alongside some fun games. From this point we can start to learn our first authentic African patterns, delivered gently and easy to pick up. We guarantee all levels will succeed with our workshops, and from the age of 8, we can develop polyphonic rhythms, solos and drum sequences.

In an hour, you could learn basic technique, etiquette, and a two part celebratory rhythm from Guinea. In half a day, you could learn the above along with solo sections and a three part polyphonic rhythm. In a day, you could learn the above along with a longer drumming sequence which we can mould into a performance. If progression is very fast, we will also introduce a compositional element in which will be taught how to write their own patterns, calls and sequences.

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